2015 Billabong Pipe Masters

The guys over at are back in action with some great projections and analysis for the Pipe Masters.  It kicks off this Tuesday so definitely check it out before lineups lock!  They have research tools and advice for WSL Fantasy Surfing,  Fantasy Surfer and Fantasurf.  

It looks like Jordy Smith will  be surfing the event, but as they outline, he hasn’t come back strong.   Matt Banting and Freddy Patacchia Jr. are officially out as well, but Bruce Irons is in the lineup!  Who’s hot and who’s not?  Head over to Surf-Stats and find out. 


Pipeline_HumpbacksThe 2015 World Title race comes down to the wire at the final event and the forecast is calling for cooperative winds and double to triple overhead swell – get excited.  There’s a lot of drama waiting to unfold and more World Title scenarios than you can shake a stick at.  Go ahead and get your beak wet over at – surfing is a great way to strengthen your prowess as an omniscient fantasy guru on the ground floor.

If you’re new to Fantasy Surfing, come join us in our World Surf League Fantasy group:  Surf-Stats Clubhouse for the Men’s Championship Tour – Password = fantasy.

It’s fun, free and a great place to learn.  Then kick back and watch your teams in action at the Billabong Pipe Masters this Tuesday, December 8 live from North Shore Oahu (live feed at 

There’s more a more in-depth article at Surf-Stats in our Pipe Masters Fantasy Outlook, but here’s our picks for CT #11 based on our Premium Projections (Projected Average Heat Score / Projected Points):


  • Gabriel Medina:                13.47 / 73.97
  • Italo Ferreira:                    11.23 / 62.08
  • Jeremy Flores:                   12.17 / 69.22


  • John John Florence:       13.35 / 93.15
  • Nat Young:                        13.49 / 53.5
  • Kai Otton:                          11.91 / 39.94
  • Kelly Slater:                       11.5 / 65.06


  • Bruce Irons:                      11.49 / 36.39
  • Any Wildcard entry – there’s just not much talent down low this time around.

Our Premium Projection model gives Gabriel Medina the win over Owen Wright,  Mick Fanning and Julian Wilson, but there’s far more data where that came from.

For more stats, research and analysis you can check out or follow along on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even get on the Newsletter.  We’re a great resource, especially once you start playing for cash prizes on

 And don’t miss the exciting Big Wave Tour live on Sunday December 6 – Pe’ahi Maui is expecting 35′-45′ waves for its paddle-in-only contest.  Guaranteed excitement. 

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