Hey guys!
Welcome to Fantasy Sports Mate! Thanks so much for swinging by my blog. My intention is to make this a stop were fellow fantasy sports players can have access to entertaining and informative thoughts and updates to help you win your fantasy leagues. Along with some fun clips of my world that involves sports…And some shameless plugs.. Sorry y’all, it is just the nature of the beast to keep things free 😉

I feel the best part of playing fantasy sports has been when I sit at bar with a bunch of people I don’t know and the second one person starts talking about their fantasy team the bar full of strangers suddenly becomes a bar full of friends. Suddenly, everyone is your fantasy sports friend, Or Mate.

I will certainly be writing blogs and posting videos, and if I ever figure out how, clips from my radio show, Every Mans Fantasy, to help you win your fantasy match-up. However, I will also be working on getting guest writers to contribute, as I feel as many points of views can always be helpful.

I also feel over all the years of working in Fantasy Sports either as a writer or broadcaster, the viewers, readers, and listeners are so spot on some of their calls! So I would love to have you all submit any thoughts you’d like our Fantasy Sports Mate community to read.

I strongly encourage all your feedback and banter. That is what makes fantasy sports so much fun! But I am going to have one rule…. Don’t be mean on here. Especially to my guest writers, or your gonna get kicked out of the bar! I mean, not really but, I will delete your comment. Its cool to disagree, just don’t be discouraging my fellow writers with mean comments, because do you have any idea what it is like to cover all the sports from a fantasy perspective??? I’ma need all the help I can get! So please chime in and banter and have fun but please no fighting.

Happy line ups to all my fellow Fantasy Sports Mates! Lets have some fun on here!
XOXO ~ Pilar

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