Week 9 Waiver Wire Wednesday RB Edition

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Oh boy, there were some giant injuries in the NFL during the week 8 match-ups that have all of us fantasy owners throwing our hands up in what feels like our fantasy season is over. Well my friends hang in there, this is when working the waiver wire is the most important. So lets take a look at the major injuries to your fantasy studs and go over a few options still available on the waiver wire. In no particular order of crucial importance to your fantasy season of course…


LeVeon Bell (PIT) suffered a torn ACL in week 8, and has been place on Reserved/Injured List. Ok I lied I am putting these in order from really bad news to bad news for fantasy owners. Bell owners drafted him and had a back up in place while he was suspended at the start of the season, but now about 50% of fantasy players have dropped DeAngelo Williams or who ever you had backing up Bell to make room for all the other injuries suffered so far this season.

Joseph Randle (DAL) Released! While I guess we could have seen something was up here, the fact that Dallas didn’t even trade him is bad news for fantasy owners, as he may have a hard time finding a joby job somewhere else. I mean, Vernon Davis got traded this week, I feel like someone like the 49ers struggling for a healthy RB could have taken a chance on him. Randle came into the season with very high expectations from fantasy owners without ever really showing us much in the past. Randle has had a few good games but overall hasn’t been consistently great, and his personal issues haven’t helped him either. My heart breaks for anyone who drafted him high this season.

Matt Forte (CHI) Suffered a knee sprain in week 8 and while all fantasy owners gasped for air, the good news is he may not be out that long. He may even be able to play Monday night against the Chargers.

Other notable injuries for those of you playing in deeper leagues:

Reggie Bush (SF) Placed on Reserved/Injured List and is out for the year. Reggie had surgery on his torn MCL Tuesday November 3rd.

So now for your replacement targets and waiver wire options. I wouldn’t spend more than 20-25% on these players unless you are bidding on DeAngelo Williams then you are allowed to bid high. Like almost all that you still have high!

DeAngelo Williams (PIT) Williams was a stud getting the job done in Pittsburgh during LeVeon Bell’s suspension. He is available in a lot of leagues now and many previous fantasy owners are kicking themselves for letting him go and not keeping him as a handcuff. He is going to be heavily sought after and there maybe a bidding war on him so before trying to pinch your pennies know he is worth the high price tag.

Pierre Thomas (SF) because not all of us will get DeAngelo Williams,Thomas was signed by the 49ers. We can probably see Thomas filling in Reggie Bush’s spot and being used in passing downs but with Carlos Hyde’s foot injury we may see more of Thomas than we think. He is a long shot but right about now fantasy owners are playing with slim pickings.

Ahmad Bradshaw (IND) We haven’t seen much of Bradshaw but then again Frank Gore isn’t your fantasy stud either. If you are out of options to chose from Bradshaw may be your last resort before you are just picking up handcuff.

NOTABLE HANDCUFF: because we all learned this season with Jamaal Charles, Arian Foster, LeVeon Bell and the scare of Matt Forte how important it is to have your fantasy RB studs backed up. I wouldn’t recommend spending more than 10% of your waiver wire balance on these players. Unless it’s Tevin Coleman then I’d go for 25% of your budget.

Tevin Coleman (ATL) Devonta Freeman owners don’t even want to hear me say this but should anything happen to Freeman Coleman has a great opportunity to have the type of value that DeAngelo Williams has going into week 9. If Coleman is still on waivers pick him up for a fair price before you are spending every dollar you have trying to snag him in a crisis situation.

Javorius Allen (BAL) Justin Forsett is playing through his ankle injury, but should Forsett goes down or injure his ankle anymore Allen could step in nicely and show some value especially in PPR leagues. He has got power and can catch the ball nicely out of the backfield.

Karlos Williams (BUF) LeSean McCoy is still the starting back but if you are looking to target handcuff Williams looked good earlier this year.

Ok my fellow fantasy football mates, good luck to all y’all on waivers. I’ll be back before the end of the day with your Week 9, Wide Receiver Waiver Wire breakdowns.
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