Women’s Maui Pro Surf-Stats Analysis

My friends over at provide great fantasy surfing analysis and research tools.  Check it out if you’re into the surf niche.  A quick update on Laura Enever’s dislocated shoulder:  She’s moved into Probable status, so it looks like she will be surfing the event.  The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is having her on your team either way…


The Roxy Pro France saw yet another exchange of the Gold Jersey from Courtney Conlogue back to Carissa Moore. Tyler Wright finally found some form with an event win, leapfrogging Bianca Buitendag and Johanne Defay to land in 5th, while Stephanie Gilmore dropped to 12th in her CT return.

Our Tier B Lock pick, Tatiana Weston-Webb, took second for the event, but flat out won in fantasy.  She crushed the field for 112.7 points! That’s +8.66 over Tyler Wright (104.04) and worthy of a pat on our back. Hopefully you steered clear of Lakey Peterson (22.03) and Stephanie Gilmore (53.44) due to the risks we outlined, and our Sleeper Johanne Defay did some damage (76.17) at 9% started.

We’re headed to Hawaii in a close race between the top two. Regardless of what you’ve read, this is a two-lady bout between Moore (59,500 points) and Conlogue (58,600). With only 900 points separating them, there are a few scenarios that can unfold to determine the Title.

Carissa Moore Wins IF:

  • Moore makes the Final
  • Moore makes the SF and Conlogue doesn’t win the event
  • Conlogue doesn’t make the SF

Courtney Conlogue Wins IF:

  • Conlogue makes the SF and Moore doesn’t make the QF
  • Conlogue wins event and Moore loses the SF or earlier

*A surf-off will determine the Title Champion if Moore fails to make the QF and Conlogue loses in the Finals. Now that’d be something.

On deck is Honolua Bay on the island of Maui, Hawaii.  This is a point break over reef that offers a solid 6-8′ right-hand wall during an average November.  It will best suit surfers with a good AHS in right, point-break conditions in the overhead range;  versatility won’t play a factor.  All things considered, the Target Maui Pro lines up well for both Title candidates – Moore and Conlogue – already two of the most competitive surfers on tour. Each will likely put up solid points, so taking the WSL Fantasy win won’t hinder on Tier A. More than ever this year, your Tier B squad will make or break your team.

If you’re new to Fantasy Surfing, come join us in our World Surf League Fantasy group:  Surf-Stats Clubhouse for Women’s Fantasy (and here for Men’s) – Password = fantasy.

It’s fun, free and a great place to learn.  Then kick back and watch your teams in action at the Target Maui Pro on 21 November and the Billabong Pipe Masters on 8 December.

There’s more a more in-depth article at Surf-Stats in our Maui Fantasy Outlook, but here’s our picks for CT #10:

  • Carissa Moore
  • Tyler Wright
  • Tatiana Weston-Webb
  • Dimity Stoyle

For more stats, research and analysis you can check out or follow along on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even get on the Newsletter.  We’re a great resource, especially once you start playing for cash prizes on


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